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GloveBox is used all over the world, so it needs to support different units for fuel entry and fuel economy calculation. You can select two different units in GloveBox, the "Fuel entry unit" and the "Gallons unit". Both are required and you're asked to do this when you first log in to the app. Once you've set them up correctly they're stored in your account and you shouldn't need to change them again, but you can update them at any time if you've chosen the wrong one by going to 'Settings' > 'Preferences'.

Fuel entry unit

When you enter fuel into GloveBox, you can enter it in either litres or gallons. Both US and imperial gallons are supported, but the type of gallons you use is determined by the gallons unit, which is described in more detail below.

Every time you add fuel to GloveBox, you're prompted to enter the quantity of fuel you've filled up with. If you buy fuel in litres select 'litres', if you buy fuel in either US or imperial gallons select 'gallons'.

If you change the fuel unit, existing fill ups will not be affected, you'll only need to use the newly selected unit for new entries. Fuel entries are stored with the fuel entry unit that was selected at the time, so if you change the unit you'll see the different units in the fuel log. Changes can still be made to the previous fuel entries using the unit that was selected when they were created, or they can be converted to use the new fuel unit.

If you added any fuel while the wrong fuel entry unit was selected you'll need to change the fuel unit, then update the fuel entry with the correct fuel quantity.

Gallons unit

GloveBox calculates fuel economy in miles per gallon (MPG) and litres per 100km. The gallons unit determines how the MPG figure is calculated.

If you've selected 'gallons' as the fuel entry unit (see above), the gallons unit will determine what type of gallons is used (US or imperial). If you've selected 'litres' as the fuel entry unit, the gallons unit will only determine how your MPG figures are calculated.

Select the most appropriate gallons unit for your country. If you've set the fuel entry unit to litres and you're not interested in the MPG fuel economy figures, you can leave the gallons unit set to imperial gallons.

If you change the gallons unit, the MPG figures you see in the fuel log and on the fuel economy chart will be changed to use the new unit. Changing the gallons unit also causes all your cars' statistics to be recalculated, so it may take a few seconds for the setting to be updated.

Odometer unit

Some cars measure their total distance in miles and some in kilometres. The unit you use to enter this distance is selected when you add each car to GloveBox. When you enter fuel, depending on the car you select, you'll be prompted for an odometer reading in either miles or kilometres based on which unit you selected when you added the car.