Why create a GloveBox account?

The GloveBox app stores details about your cars along with your fuel and expense logs safely in your account. Doing this provides a number of benefits:

  • You can use the GloveBox app with the same data in sync across multiple devices, whether they use iOS or Android.
  • You can share access with others by adding extra drivers to each of the cars in your account. This is useful if more than one person drives the same car. Read about managing additional drivers
  • If you remove the app and install it again at a later date, all your data is still available.
  • If your device is lost, stolen or reset you won't lose the information in your GloveBox account.
  • You can receive email reminders about important events such as regular maintenance and insurance renewals.

How does GloveBox use your details?

Only your name and email address are used by GloveBox.

  • Your name is only shown to people who you've invited to drive your car. If you accept an invite to be a driver of someone else's car they'll be able to see your name in the driver list.
  • Your email address is used to log in to the app (if you don't log in with Facebook), it's also used to contact you if you reset your password and to send you reminders when they're due if you've created any.

If you log in to GloveBox using Facebook we only use your name and email address from your Facebook account.

Read the full privacy policy.

More questions?

If you didn't find this page helpful or you need more information about GloveBox please get in touch with us.