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If more than one person drives a car you can add them as an additional driver. To manage drivers for a car tap the car on the home screen followed by the "Drivers" button.

Additional drivers can view a car's statistics, receive reminders, add fuel and expenses.

Adding a driver

To add a new driver tap "Add Driver" and you'll be asked to enter the driver's email address. If you log in to GloveBox using Facebook you'll also be able to select from any of your friends who have also logged into GloveBox with a Facebook account.

If you enter an email address belonging to an existing GloveBox user they'll be prompted to accept your invitation in the app within an hour or two. If they log in to the app using Facebook the email address you enter needs to match the one on their Facebook account.

If you enter an email address that doesn't belong to an existing GloveBox user they'll receive an email with a link to download the app. They'll be prompted to accept your invitation as soon as they either: (1) Create an account using the same email address you entered or (2) Log in using Facebook and the email address on their Facebook account matches the email address you entered.

Removing a driver

You can tap the "Remove" button next to any driver to remove them from the car. They won't be able to view statistics or add fuel/expenses unless you add them again. Any reminders with 'Send to all drivers' set to 'Yes' will no longer be sent to the driver you have removed.

Drivers and owners

Although drivers can add fuel and expenses as well as view statistics and graphs, there are some things that only a car's owner can do.

  • Only a car's owner can edit details about the vehicle, create reminders and add/remove additional drivers.
  • Fuel and expense entries can only be edited or removed by a car's owner and the driver who created them.
  • Locations created by a car's owner are shared between all drivers of the car, but only the car's owner can create, edit and delete locations.

  • Only a car's owner will be able to export data for that car.

You can tell if you're currently a car's owner because because you'll see an "Edit" button after you select the car on the home screen.

You can transfer ownership of the car to one of the drivers if you want, but you'll no longer be able to manage the car in GloveBox. This is useful if you've sold the car and want to transfer the GloveBox history of the vehicle to the new owner. To transfer ownership tap the "Make owner" button next to the driver you want to become the new owner.

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