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You can track non-fuel expenses using the GloveBox app such as maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover and insurance. GloveBox tracks expenses in a similar way to how it tracks the cost of your fuel - you can see statistics, a pie chart breaking down your expenditure by category, as well as a log of all your non-fuel expenditure.

Using the GloveBox app to keep track of how much you spend on your car can help you to budget and save money.

GloveBox Add Expense Screen

Adding expenses

Use the button on the app's home screen to add a new expense to GloveBox. You'll be prompted for details about the expense, but not all fields are required.

Give each expense a meaningful title, such as "Full service and oil change" or "Breakdown cover renewal". You can optionally add notes to each expense entry if more information would be useful, the notes are displayed underneath each expense when you view the expense log in the app.

You can optionally enter an odometer reading with each expense entry. If you enter an odometer reading with an expense or a fuel log entry your "per mile" statistics are updated. The odometer readings will also be used to evaluate reminders if any are due. An odometer reading is not required for expenses but we recommend you include one as often as possible.

Editing and deleting expenses

You can edit and delete expenses the same way you edit and delete fuel log entries. From a car's detail screen tap "Expense log", then tap on a log entry. You'll be asked if you want to edit the selected expense. At the bottom of the edit screen there's a delete button to remove the expense completely.

Expense categories

You can select from the existing expense categories or create your own by selecting "Enter name..." from the category list.

Categories you create are available per car and shared between all the car's drivers.

To remove a an expense category you've created find all the expense entries that use it and either edit them to use another one or delete them. The custom category will be removed from the category list after a few days.

GloveBox Expense Chart

Import expenses

You can import expenses for cars you own from a CSV file. How to import data

Export expenses

You can export expenses for cars you own to a CSV file. Use the "Export" button on the home screen and follow the instructions.

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