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How GloveBox calculates fuel economy

Your fuel economy is displayed in MPG (miles per gallon) and l/100Km (litres per 100Km). It's calculated using the distance you've travelled divided and the amount of fuel you've used to travel that distance. You can change the type of gallons unit that GloveBox uses to calculate your fuel economy - both US and imperial gallons are supported. When you change this setting all your previous MPG figures are updated to use the new unit you've selected.

GloveBox Add Fuel Screen

When you add a fill up using the app you enter the exact amount of fuel you've purchased as well as the odometer reading displayed by your vehicle at the time. GloveBox uses the difference between these values at each fill up to calculate your fuel economy. You’ll also be asked to enter how much money you've spent on the fuel. GloveBox doesn't use the price of fuel to calculate economy - only to show you statistics about how much you’re spending on your car.

The Fuel Cycle - When fuel economy is calculated

GloveBox only calculates your fuel economy if it knows exactly the distance you've travelled as well as exactly how much fuel you've used over that distance. This is only the case when entries between full tank fill ups are added - as long as no entries were missed in between. We call this a “fuel cycle” - from full tank to full tank - and it allows GloveBox to provide you with reliable fuel consumption figures.

To have the most accurate fuel economy figures, fill the tank as often as possible and remember to log every fill up.

Make sure you fill your tank as often as you can and add every fill up to your GloveBox fuel log. You can add partial fill ups to GloveBox too, but your fuel economy is only calculated when you fill the tank.

If you forget to log a fill up

If you forget to enter one or more fill ups, make sure you tell GloveBox the next time you enter fuel by switching the slider to "Yes". This way, the app knows that some fuel was used that hasn't been accounted for. This breaks the fuel cycle and prevents the app from calculating an incorrect figure. Your MPG figure will be calculated for the next full fuel cycle (from one full tank to another).

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