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Fuel Locations

You can create locations in the GloveBox app that correspond to the physical geographic locations where you buy fuel. Each time you add fuel you can select a location from the ones you've created or add a new one.

GloveBox will display statistics for each location such as how often you've visited it and the price of fuel at that location for each type of fuel. Future updates to the app will include even more features that take advantage of your fuel locations.

A location is optional when adding fuel - you don't need to use locations if you don't want to.

Managing locations

You can add new locations either when you add fuel or by selecting "Locations" from the home screen followed by "Add Location". If you don't have any locations yet, you'll be prompted to create one.

Only the Name field is required when adding a location. You can optionally add a street, town and a map position. Selecting a position on the map for the location will allow you to quickly find the nearest location when adding fuel so you don't need to search for the location manually, as well as ensure the location can take advantage of future updates that will use the location's position.

Locations belong to the person who created them.

When you create a location it can only be associated with fuel entries that are added to the cars you own. Other drivers will select a location from the ones you've created, they won't be able to add any more locations themselves - only a car's owner can do this. When adding fuel the locations that are available to select from are determined by the car you've selected.

Editing and deleting locations

If you edit an existing location your changes will be applied even if the location has been associated with fuel entries so those entries will reflect the updated location details.

If you delete a location it will be removed from any fuel entries but the fuel entries will be preserved.

Transferring car ownership

When you transfer a car the new owner can see details of the locations that have been associated with fuel entries for the car. They'll also be able to see details of these locations if they create a data export. However, the new owner cannot make changes to these locations, they can only change them to a location created by themselves.

Note: If you make changes to an existing location that was used for fuel on a car that's been transferred, the new owner will be able to see the changes you've made to that location.

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