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GloveBox Store

The Store allows you to purchase items that enhance your experience using the app. You can see items that are available to purchase along with those already applied to your account by tapping "Store" on the home screen.

By making a purchase from the Store you'll be contributing to the ongoing hosting, maintenance and development costs of running the GloveBox service, as well as the cost of developing and updating the mobile apps.

Extra car slot

You can purchase extra slots to use GloveBox with additional vehicles.

When you create a GloveBox account a default number of car slots is made available. You can increase the available slots by purchasing as many as you need.

The number of car slots you have determines how many cars you can have on your home screen at the same time. This is the number of cars you can easily add fuel and expenses to.

To free up an existing car slot you need to either delete or archive a car.

Remove ads

Ads will be removed until the expiry date shown whenever you log in with the same GloveBox account on any device and any platform.

You can buy an ad removal product as many times as you want, the amount of time will be added to your account each time you purchase the item.

How it works

The products you buy from the Store are applied to the account you're logged in to GloveBox with at the time. This means your purchases will apply whenever you're logged in with that account on any device.


If you've purchased an item from the GloveBox Store and it hasn't been applied to your account the following steps will normally fix the issue:

  • Ensure your device has an active and reliable internet connection.
  • Force close the GloveBox app and restart it.
  • Tap "Store" on the home screen then wait a few seconds for any outstanding purchases to complete.

If you continue to experience issues or have any other problems purchasing items from the Store please contact us.

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