Update History and Release Notes

GloveBox is updated regularly to add new features, improve performance and fix bugs. Here you can find details of the changes in each update.

If you have an idea for an improvement or a new feature, visit the feedback website. If you're having problems with GloveBox or need help, contact support.

Version 1.8.12

Released: June 2022

  • Minor updates to ad network integration.
  • Improved hint messages when adding cars and reminders.

Version 1.8.11

Released: May 2022

  • Updated to Google Billing version 4 on Android.
  • Updated target API level to 30 on Android.
  • Removed background check for email deliverability (no longer supported).
  • Changed advertising functionality.
  • Fixed bug: Economy and cost charts don't resize correctly on some devices.

Version 1.8.10

Released: August 2021

  • App tracking transparency framework for iOS.
  • Updated Ads framework to latest version.

Version 1.8.8

Released: March 2021

  • Performance and security improvements.
  • Fixed bug: Ads not working.

Version 1.8.7

Released: November 2020

  • Fixed bug: Email address validation doesn't work if address has a 2 character TLD.

Version 1.8.6

Released: October 2020

  • Fixed bug: Back navigation doesn't work properly from Locations screen.
  • Fixed bug: Nearest Locations list doesn't appear correctly.

Version 1.8.5

Released: September 2020

  • Different colour markers on location map.
  • Fixed bug: Some external links don't appear correctly.
  • Fixed bug: iOS status bar text is unreadable on location map or chart when device has a notch.
  • Fixed bug: Error page doesn't work properly when logged out.
  • Fixed bug: Error page can reset app if user is a guest.

Version 1.8.4

Released: July 2020

  • Dark mode (go to Settings > Preferences to try it out).
  • Improved validation when adding new driver and during account creation.
  • Added buttons to filter location map.
  • Open location map to marker bounds by default.
  • Improved appearance of popup on location map.
  • Updated light (default) colour scheme.
  • Fixed bug: Email delivery warning message appearance.
  • Fixed bug: Create first location message is misleading.
  • Fixed bug: Adding driver sometimes doesn't work when pressing enter on keyboard after email entry.
  • Fixed bug: Security vulnerability.

Version 1.8.2

Released: June 2020

  • Fixed bug: Crash when changing fuel log display settings.
  • Fixed bug: Change password option missing from settings menu.

Version 1.8.1

Released: May 2020

  • Changed trip stats time range descriptions.
  • Change heading of alert when sending password reset email.
  • Fixed bug: Date picker could crash on older versions of Android.
  • Fixed bug: Long location names overlap charge/fuel icons and nav arrow icon.
  • Fixed bug: Back navigation not working after updating account settings or units.

Version 1.8.0

Released: April 2020

  • Trip logging.
  • Improved navigation after editing or deleting a fuel/expense entry.
  • Added charging and fuelling settings for locations.
  • Changed overview statistics.
  • Display loading indicator until add fuel/charge buttons are displayed.
  • Minor change to wording of message on fuel log settings screen.
  • Guess correct units when engine size entered in cc or cubic inches.
  • Removed Facebook log in.
  • Fixed bug: Driver names missing from logs when user is a guest.
  • Fixed bug: Setting to always use numeric keyboard is not persisted.
  • Fixed bug: Typo in email delivery message.
  • Fixed bug: Fuel economy does not reset imperial fields when removing full tank flag.
  • Fixed bug: Fuel type not reset on add car screen when adding more than one car per session.
  • Fixed bug: Password reset email address validation doesn't work.
  • Fixed bug: Economy stats stay on car detail page when when switching between cars.
  • Fixed bug: "Fill ups missed" should refer to charges for BEVs.
  • Fixed bug: Locations assigned to EV/PHEV charging sessions show stats with "gallons" label.

Version 1.7.3

Released: November 2019

  • Fixed bug: Facebook log in not working on iOS 13.

Version 1.7.2

Released: November 2019

  • Guest log in: Access to limited features without creating an account.
  • Fixed bug: Tables may intermittently not appear as intended.
  • Fixed bug: App could crash if an error occurs during communication with the remote service under certain conditions.

Version 1.7.1

Released: August 2019

  • Remove ads with an in-app purchase.
  • Updated Facebook, ads and in-app purchasing features with bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed bug: Error displayed when location list fails to load from the remote service.
  • Removed support for Android versions before KitKat.

Version 1.7.0

Released: July 2019

  • Added support for Electric (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) fuel types.
  • Changed how the map works when creating or updating a fuel location for better performance and reliability.
  • Ad improvements: No longer need to force a reload under certain conditions. If an ad is visited don't load another for some time.
  • Improved default map zoom level.
  • Improved CSV import validation.
  • Improved performance when changing orientation while looking at the fuel or expense table.
  • Fixed bug: Odometer range error says "more than" instead of "less than".
  • Fixed bug: Fill ups missed separator in fuel log table sometimes doesn't match table width.
  • Fixed bug: Estimates distance for 6 months and one year missing from car statistics.
  • Fixed bug: Some column headings missing from fuel export CSV.
  • Fixed bug: Delay in iOS between pressing a button and something happening.

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